Naturiebelieves the foundation of beautiful skin is moisture
Although you may agree that applying moisture to the skin is just quite basic of skincare, it is rather the most important key factor.

Once the keratin layer’s water, natural moisturizing factor(NMF)and lipidsare in balance,its‘barrier function’ is enhanced, and healthy skin can easily be maintained

Within the skin’s surface, the keratin layer, which is thin as a single sheet of tissue paper (0.02mm), has a ‘barrier function’ protecting the skin from dryness and external irritants.

When the keratin layer lacks moisture, the balance ofwater, natural moisturizing factor(NMF)and lipidsis lost,resulting in gaps in the cells of the keratin layer.

When there are many such gaps, skin is unable to store moisture effectively and becomes susceptible to external irritants and to such problems as dryness and rough patches.

When you feel that your skin is not in good condition… may be insufficiently hydrated.

On such occasions, please apply a generous layer of lotion and moisturizing gel.
By replenishing the keratin layer with moisture,the balance ofwater, natural moisturizing factor(NMF)and lipids will gradually be restored.

Then these cells will be lined up evenly without gaps, and the skin will more easily retain moisture and be less susceptible to external irritants.

As a result, it is possible to maintain healthy, beautiful skin free from such problems as dryness and rough patches.

Naturieis focused on hydration and moisture retention for the skin and will strive to continue to move forward in our research.