Frequently Asked Questions


How much product should I apply?

If you apply by hand, use the equivalent of one large coin each time. After massaging it in, we recommend reapplying it twice more. If your skin feels cool, it’s a sign that it is well hydrated. Using a lotion pack is a great idea and an efficient method of application. It is important to saturate the cotton generously with the product, when using lotion packs.

How does it moisturize?

It is a formulation that is fresh and with superior penetration, so the more you apply the better it will be accepted into your skin and fill the stratum corneum (honey layer) with moisture. In addition, Hatomugi Essence, a natural moisturizing ingredient, enhances the skin’s moisture retention capability leading to better skin hydration.

Can it be used other than on the face?

Certainly on the face, but it can be applied to the entire body. It takes the heat out a sunburn and particularly recommended after sun bathing.

Can it be used for children?

Even children can use it comfortably, it is fragrance-free, has no artificial color, is non-irritating, oil-free and surfactant-free. However if a rash or skin irritation developed, stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist.

Can it be applied to sunburned skin?

Yes, it can be used.

We also recommend chilling the lotion in the refrigerator for use on sunburned skin.

It seems to irritate my skin.

Symptoms may worsen with continued use.

Immediately discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.

It seems to have an odor even though the package states there is no added fragrance...

Hatomugi lotion is not blended with any fragrance, but the ingredients themselves may have an aroma. There is no quality issue, so you may use it with confidence.