A member of the genus Gramineae, also known as grasses, Hatomugi is a super food with a particularly high nutritional value for a cereal. It has been considered beneficial for beauty and health since ancient times. In addition to eating it cooked, the plant is useful in making the Japanese sweet known as Yokuinin.
Recently, it has also attracted attention as a health food, including as a [ nutritional ] supplement.

Hatomugi essence extracted from Hatomugi contains 12 amino acids.
Amino acids are the main components of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) naturally present in skin. It is an essential component for maintaining the normal barrier function, shielding the skin from dryness and external irritants.
Rich in amino acids, Hatomugi essence supplements NMF. As a beauty ingredient, it supports the skin’s barrier function leading to enhanced moisture retention.